Impressions of Paris

– a collection of thoughts and photographs – Reproductions do not even begin to capture the depth of color in Monet’s paintings The Eiffel Tower is ridiculously hard to photograph Even in foreign countries, people ask me for directions I fell in love with this painting by Renoir, Le Garçon au chat   Paris is strikingly […]


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Oh! Yeah! Brighton!

I love Brighton. Like love love. There is something about the little seaside city that speaks to a piece of my soul. Part of it comes from having studied abroad at the University of Sussex in 2015; part of it comes from just how absolutely bizarre the place is. Brighton is a city of liminal […]

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Around Town in Leeds

I needed something to do a few days ago, and one of my biggest regrets of my study abroad was not having pictures of Brighton itself because I saw it all the time and it just became regular, so I decided to charge up my camera battery and head over to Leeds Town Hall to […]

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First – By Way of Update

I suffer from a disease known as Starts a Blog and Fails to Update After an Average of Six Posts. It isn’t catching, but I do suspect it’s quite common. In any case, yes, I am still alive. Leeds is currently trying to freeze me out of my mind with snow–something we have not seen […]

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The Penguins of Harewood House

During an evening dink-around on Google Maps, testing the distance between Castle Howard and York, I came upon an unexpected gem. As I zoomed out, Google, in all of its analytical glory, elected to show results related to my recent searches. What should appear right above my blinking dot on the map but an attractive […]

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York – York – York

You are hereby highly encouraged to read the above title in a voice like the Swedish Chef’s. Cheryl and I traveled to York because, well, it’s York, and we’re in Yorkshire, and you just don’t go to Yorkshire without going to York. Or you do, but you make a terrible mistake. We opted for the bus, finding […]

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I’m convinced that packing is something the devil does for fun. I hate packing. I have always hated packing. I’m the type of person who takes joy out of comfort–the person who will wear a coat and a beach hat and shorts at the same time if it means the sun is out of my […]

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